We at Healing House promise to adhere to a philosophy and practice of extending and expanding love to others. That is to be the heart of all that we do, both within the clinic and within our communities. We will uphold the truths that humanity is one, and that all humans are fundamentally good. We will therefore practice the Golden Rule, recognizing that doing unto others is no different than doing unto ourselves. We will constantly observe that each of us is on a sacred journey back to ourselves. There is no hierarchy on this path; each person we encounter is thus worthy of exactly the same outpouring of love and respect, regardless of their ego or soul orientation. It shall therefore be our pleasure to create a healing partnership with our patients, learning from them and listening to them as equals. When we make mistakes, we will own them, share our observance of their impact on ourselves and others, and lovingly correct them. And then we will forgive those mistakes, knowing full well that this world is all an illusion anyway, and none of it really happened. When miracles occur, we will give thanks and then pay them no mind, for truly it is best to keep the mind out of the works of Spirit. And so that miracles may occur as regularly as the day folds into night, we will allow the Divine to guide us in all that we do. In order to bring this guidance into constant presence, we will offer this as our prayer: May we at Healing House walk in grace, so that our patients may feel truly blessed by their experience in our care. Amen.

Our History

Not much to report, here. Muki Ramsey, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M., founded Healing House in Scottsdale LLC (formerly Zen Medicinals) in January of 2008, shortly after graduating with his Masters in the Science of Oriental Medicine. He has added a few staff members over the years – some have stayed, some have left, and some have returned again. Isn’t that just how it goes? Our location has changed a few times, but this new clinic will be our home for quite a while. We really like it. We’ve been in this current location since May of 2014.

Our Purpose and Intent

Healing House in Scottsdale is a place of healing, which we very effectively accomplish using holistic, safe, and natural means. Our intent is to provide value for our patients that far exceeds our comfort level and their expectations. That is our primary purpose and intent within our clinic walls. We also have a hope to extend our purpose beyond into the community. However, our larger purpose is not based upon or intended to correct a perceived problem in the community, because we suspect that by recognizing such a problem and struggling against it, we’d only give it strength. That being said, should people find that they are not receiving the kind of care they think their health deserves from the conventional medical system, we’d be happy to step up. It is our hope to have more and more people see holistic medicine as a true alternative to mainstream medicine, or at least as a lovely compliment, and certainly as an important and legitimate way to keep themselves off of dangerous drugs or away from risky, irreversible medical procedures. So you could say that our larger purpose is to educate the public and promote the growth and acceptance of alternative medicine by demonstrating its safety, affordability, and effectiveness. Sure – that works.


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