Healing House invites you to take a deeper look into health and wellness through the massage and bodywork sessions we offer. Massage isn’t just for special occasions or vacations anymore! With the fast-paced, stressful lives we lead and how much of the day we are sitting in front of technology at work and home, releasing that tension through massage is becoming vital to our physical, mental and emotional well-being. We strive to give you high quality, uniquely customized massage and bodywork sessions at an affordable price point to assure that you can take better care of your health in our house. We’re passionate about making whole body, holistic healthcare more accessible to a greater number of people in a safe, supportive and professional environment.

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Diane K.

Scottsdale, AZ

My massage therapist did a wonderful, thorough and invigorating massage, extremely pleasant and conscientious as well. Would highly recommend Healing House. Warm, relaxing and comfortable setting too.

Gene G.

Scottsdale, AZ

Wonderful massage. Best ever, I think. My masseuse listened to my needs, was having pain, provided exactly what I needed. Now on the road to recovery. Definitely will return and make referrals. Office very simple and comforting. Immediately felt at home and taken care of.

Patricia P.

Scottsdale, AZ

I had a massage and it was excellent. The massage therapist listened to me as I explained the areas I was having pain and was able to relieve almost of all it. I was very happy with my experience.

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Types of Massage We Offer

Here at Healing House we are all about offering you choices! When it comes to your health, there is no One Size Fits All. Just like at your favorite smoothie shop, we offer 5 basic Types of massage with Add-Ons that you can choose to meet your specific needs and wants. The Add-Ons themselves can be a complete session on their own or combined with any other Add-Ons to create a beautiful, unique healing session that you will love. If you aren’t sure what you need and want, don’t worry, our amazing therapists will work with you to customize a deeply soothing session that you will enjoy and benefit from.

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Custom Massage

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Not sure what type of massage you want?

Don't know what type of massage you need?

No problem...

Choose our Custom Massage!

Tell your Massage Therapist why you booked your appointment and what you're looking for.

Drawing on their expertise in different massage types and bodywork modalities, they'll serve up the perfect massage just for you.

Your Custom Massage can:

  • 50-minutes long (1 hour total)
  • 80-minutes long (1.5 hours total)
  • 110-minutes (2 hours total)

Swedish Massage

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Lighter, smoother, flowing style of massage with long, gliding strokes to provide overall relaxation. Sometimes simplicity is key, and the Swedish massage style is a sweet, simple, soothing experience. As one of the most recognized types of massage, it’s perfect to help your mind, body and spirit unwind and de-stress. Let these lavish and luxuriousness of this Swedish style banish your cares and worries while resetting your body’s natural rhythms.

Your Swedish Massage can:

  • 50-minutes long (1 hour total)
  • 80-minutes long (1.5 hours total)
  • 110-minutes (2 hours total)

Hot Stone Massage

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Using heated, polished, basalt stones, warm soothing ayurvedic oil, relaxing aromatherapy and lavish Swedish massage strokes, the tension just melts away. The intentional way that the stones are placed on the body for warmth, as well as, using the stones to perform massage strokes on certain sections of the body in a gentle, luxurious way do wonders for a tight body and busy mind.

Your Hot Stone Massage can:

  • 50-minutes long (1 hour total)
  • 80-minutes long (1.5 hours total)
  • 110-minutes (2 hours total)

Sports Massage

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Incorporates some of the basic Swedish massage strokes along with additional lengthening the muscles with very researched, specific stretches to unlock stuck areas, decompressing overused joints, increasing range of motion, releasing muscular knots through myofascial release and trigger point therapy, and cultivating a deep feeling of expansion and ‘ahhhhhhh’. Whether you work at a desk job, drive for long periods of time, carry young children, are a care-taker yourself, a weekend warrior, competitive athlete, or have repetitive, on-going, physical challenges of any kind, this very therapeutic style of massage is very transformative.

Your Sports Massage can:

  • 50-minutes long (1 hour total)
  • 80-minutes long (1.5 hours total)
  • 110-minutes (2 hours total)

Injury Focused Massage

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We fall down, we get back up, it happens! Whether you are dealing with an old injury or new injury, or have tried about everything else on the planet, an Injury Focused Massage could be what you are looking for. Using advanced techniques, specific anatomy and kinesiology education, and a well-versed understanding of how impact, trauma and life can cause havoc in our bodies, our therapists partner with you to create change and healing. Adding massage to your physical therapy or rehabilitation program can speed up your healing process and get you back in the game of life! Breaking up muscle adhesions and scar tissue can make a huge difference in your movement and healing as well.

*Because of the focus on the injury, some parts of the body may need to take a back burner while other areas become the higher priority, or a longer session length may be advisable.

Your Injury Focused Massage can:

  • 50-minutes long (1 hour total)
  • 80-minutes long (1.5 hours total)
  • 110-minutes (2 hours total)

Prenatal Massage

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Motherhood can be a wonderful, beautiful period of time while we’re bringing new life into the world. But sometimes it can be stressful, confusing, uncomfortable and challenging too. Let us ease you through it in a supportive, caring way. After the first or second month of a normal pregnancy all the way through to birth, a nurturing, gentle, massage from a therapist well-versed in pre-natal massage is advantageous for mother and child. Check with your doctor first, if you have any concerns. A soothing, calming, flowing massage will iron out achy muscles, help relieve nerve compression, joint pressure and tension for the mother as her body continues to change. Your baby will also receive the circulation improvements and calming effects as well, so both of you can relax more deeply and enjoy this amazing experience together.

*Body positioning changes and bolstering with extra pillows will be necessary at the baby grows inside the mother’s womb.

Your Prenatal Massage can:

  • 50-minutes long (1 hour total)
  • 80-minutes long (1.5 hours total)
  • 110-minutes (2 hours total)

What Happens After Your Massage New Patient Special?

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  • One-hour Massage
  • Follow-up Acupuncture
  • Custom Facial
  • Follow-up Nutrition
  • Cupping & Gua Sha
  • Moxibustion

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Massage & Bodywork Add-Ons

Any of these Add-Ons, individually or mixed with other modalities below, can become a 60-120 minute session on their own if you choose.

If you are unsure about what to add on, or what type of massage you want, our therapists will talk through the options with you when you come in and create a personalized session you will love!

Pressure Options

Pressure Options for Massage in Scottsdale, AZ

Would you like Light, Medium or Deep pressure for your custom blended massage? Each person interprets massage pressure differently, one person’s Light could be another person’s Medium to Deep. If you’re not sure, don’t worry, we will figure it out with you once you are on the massage table, determine what pressure feels most comfortable to you and keep that pressure level consistent throughout your massage session.

Cranialsacral Therapy

Cranialsacral Therapy with Massage in Scottsdale, AZ

By very gently releasing tension and compression in the cranial bones of the head and face, along the vertebrae and sacrum bone at the end of the spinal column, flow happens. It’s like a computer re-boot for the central nervous system and increases, balances, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid that runs between the occiput and sacrum bones at each end of the spine. This very special modality is great for migraines sufferers, car accidents and trauma victims, eye and ear challenges, allergies, anxiety, PTSD and overall stress relief.


Reflexology Add-on for Massage in Scottsdale, AZ

Every gland, internal organ, muscle group, joint and skeletal section of the body has a highway of nerves that run through the body and the end point is located in the soles of the feet. (hands too, actually) By accessing very specific acupressure points on the foot we can create change and balance in the corresponding parts of the body. It’s pretty mind blowing, indeed! If that part of the system is overactive or underactive, reflexology will help balance it using our body’s own self intelligence and healing response. The pampering, tranquil feeling it provides you is the icing on the cake.

Reiki Energy Work

Reiki Energy Work Add-on for Massage in Scottsdale, AZ

This gentle and amazingly powerful energetic healing modality came out of Japan originally until it was eventually shared around the world. Energy exists all around us in every living thing. Every cell in our body, every molecule that exists in even the desk you’re seated at, or the seat you’re sitting in has it’s own unique vibration. Reiki channels the energy that is all around us, through the therapist’s hands and then moves throughout your body. This energy is self-intelligent and goes directly where it’s needed most in your body. The therapist’s hands will still be touching the body but not necessarily be manipulating muscle tissue, so you can remain clothed if you so choose. Reiki provides a path for the body to release stress, trauma, imbalance, pain, and more, on every level; physical, emotional and mental. From babies still in utero, to the elderly, to athletes, soldiers coming back from war, to everyday folks, Reiki is extremely beneficial, transformative, relaxing and healing.

Guided Visualization / Meditation

Guided Meditation Add-on for Massage in Scottsdale, AZ

The mind-body-spirit connection is well documented and undeniable. By walking you through an extremely customized guided visualization and/or meditation created specifically for your unique wants and needs, change IS possible. Whether you are wanting to help heal a physical ailment, work through a traumatic experience of any kind, shift into a healthier life/lifestyle, makes changes to your belief systems, or internal dialogue with yourself, or sink into a very deep state of relaxation, we partner with you to help bring that into existence. What we can create, see, and feel inside our mind helps our body move in the direction of the new normal by resetting our internal ‘compass’ towards this new map we made inside our minds. What journey can we take you on today?

Conveniently Located in Old Town Scottsdale

4300 N. Miller Rd., Suite 213, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

My therapist was very thorough and very professional. I felt comfortable with the draping throughout the session. He customized my massage to treat the areas on my body that needed work. Highly recommend!!!

Kathleen H.

Mesa, AZ

Samantha is the best massage therapist! She keeps the pressure consistent during the entire appointment and uses the perfect amount of lotion during the massage. She does a great job, go see her!

Anna J.

Scottsdale, AZ

Meet Our Scottsdale Massage Therapists

Samantha Tanner, Lic. Massage Therapist - Scottsdale, AZ

Samantha intuitively connects with her clients and truly takes the time to structure each session to fit their muscular needs. She incorporates her pressure in a way that targets the underlying issues of the muscle without pain. She provides her clients with plenty of modalities such as; Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.


Massage FAQ

Is there anything I should do to prepare for the massage ahead of time?

Aside from bathing in patchouli, walking in grass while in bare feet, wearing a tie dye shirt and bead, just show up on time! Ok, Ok, you don’t have to do any of those things, unless you want to. But we do strongly advise that 4-8 hours before your massage that you increase your water intake. That way you hydration levels are good in your body before-hand, and when your toxins start to flush into your system that the extra water you drank will help move them through more easily. Then make sure you continue to increase your water intake for 12-24 hours after your massage to assist your body doing it’s self-cleaning work.

I haven’t had a massage before, what should I expect?

Our massage therapist will spend time with you before your session starts asking you questions about your body, reviewing any past or present injuries, asking about your preferences for pressure and partner with you in deciding how to create your customized session to address your unique needs. The therapist will step out while you undress and lie on the table underneath the sheets. Respecting your privacy is important to us. Your body will be draped with the sheet for warmth and modesty. Only the section of the body being worked on at that time will be undraped. Your ‘job’ during the massage is to breathe deeply, soften your thoughts, let your body unwind and try not to engage any muscles to help as we lift your arm or leg to move the sheets around you, communicate if you need more or less pressure or have a question, and allow yourself to just melt into the table. When the massage is finished, your therapist will let you know and leave the room so you can redress. Please remember that drinking lots water 12-24 hours after your session will help your body flush the toxins out of your body that massage stirred up. This will help you feel more comfortable and less achy afterwards.

Do I have to take my underwear off?

No! You choose whether you want them on or off, it doesn’t make a big difference. We uphold strict sheet draping procedures to assure that you feel your privacy and comfort is respected. But either way, it will be important for the therapist to work on your glute muscles to release tension and imbalance there that directly impacts the low back and hips. If you feel strongly about not having your glute muscles worked on at all, we will respect that, but want you to understand the potential impact of skipping this important section of the body.

Does massage have to hurt to be effective?

No! On a scale of 1-10 , 10 being the most intense, it is best that we work at a level 7-8 for YOU. Not our scale, not your mom’s scale, not Superman’s scale, YOUR scale! If you are flinching, gritting your teeth, or clenching your muscles the pressure is too deep, potentially damaging and simply not enjoyable. But it is up to you to communicate with your therapist so we can determine together what level is appropriate for you for your comfort and health.

Massage Therapists always say to drinks tons of water after a massage. What’s the big deal?

Any form of massage and even the energy modalities like reiki and cranialsacral are designed to release stress from the body, and in that process, toxins and metabolic waste that is slowed or stagnate is flushed to the surface. Sometimes clients will experience a scratchy throat, stuffy nose, mild headache, slight nausea, and/or muscular achiness. These symptoms are like your body’s allergic reaction to it’s own toxic waste. Massage and bodywork take your body slightly out of balance so your body will work to restore and rebalance itself to it’s own natural harmony. The more water you drink after your session the faster these toxins will flush out of your system and the better you will feel.

I’ve noticed at some massage places that they advertise that you are getting a 60 minute massage, but the session is really only 50 minutes because your meeting with the therapist includes 10 minutes of talking. Is that typical?

We’ve noticed that too and find it puzzling for several reasons:
1. If you pay for an advertised 60 minutes you should receive 60 minutes of hands-on massage or bodywork time! Healing House believes in excellent, fair, respectful care for our clients. The time necessary to determine what session will be best for your needs and wants will come out of our ‘pocket’, not yours.

2. Massaging the entire body effectively at a pace that feels soothing and comfortable for the client in 60 minutes is tight enough as it is, shortening that time to 50 minutes is a rush, and not in a good way. We prefer to slow down to a more relaxed pace and give you the quality session you deserve.

How will I feel after a massage or bodywork session?

When you first start to move from the massage table to standing you may feel slightly light-headed or dizzy. We call it “The Massage Hangover”, but with better overall effects. Keep in mind that during that session your blood pressure probably lowered, your circulation increased, your toxins were flushed to the surface and your nervous system settled back down. Your muscles will feel smoother and longer. You might even feel Taller. As mentioned in the FAQ about water, you may have a slight headache, scratchy throat, stuffy nose or light nausea. This is a normal reaction to your own body’s toxins. Drinks LOTS of water over the next 12-24 hours to help your body come back into balance and move any muscle achiness through your body faster. Your skin, muscles, bones, organs and glands will need that extra water to continue flushing from the inside as well. Depending on the depth and pressure you chose for your session you may feel some achiness in the areas that you naturally tend to hold more stress and tension in as they release for one to two days. Again, the more water you drink, the faster that achy feeling lightens.

How often should I receive a massage or bodywork session?

Personally we would love to have one ourselves every night before bed, but on a real world level, that’s probably not realistic. The frequency of massage and length of session are mostly determined by your schedule and budget, we get it, we live in the real world too! That is precisely why we created our unique Membership program. Depending on the kind of work you do, the level of pain, stressload, or physical challenges you’ve had in the past or are currently experiencing and the personal goals you have for your health and wellness, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions may be right for you. We believe for optimum health and to combat all that life throws at us, that monthly sessions at least are a good baseline and well, lifeline too!

When shouldn’t I get a massage? When is it ill-advised?

If you have an issue at the Skin layer of the body such as open wounds, infectious or contagious rashes, or bacterial or viral infections, massage would not be a good idea and could injure or spread the issue. Depending on the skin issue, avoiding the area during massage may be an option or substituting reiki or cranialsacral modalities in the place of massage.

If you have a nerve issue, such as pinching, radiating pain, tingling, neuropathy, or fibromyalgia, massage should relieve what you’re experiencing to some degree as it soothes the nervous system, reduces pain and releases stress in the system. Reiki or cranialsacral and other energetic healing modalities are advised.

If the issue is in the muscle layer, such as a strain, tear or muscle rupture, it’s the timing that matters most. If you’ve had such an injury, ice immediately and often, drink extra water and rest. 24-48 hours after a muscle strain or tear, massage should be helpful to ease inflammation and pain. If you have ruptured a muscle, waiting 48-72 hours for any bleeding in the muscle to stop before seeking massage work is advisable, especially with your doctor’s ok. Reiki and cranialsacral and other forms of energy healing are acceptable as well.

If you are experiencing joint pain and inflammation due to arthritis, new or old injury, again timing is everything. Let’s say you are a level 10 on the 1 to 10 pain scale and the joint is very swollen and hurting, it would be better to ice and use a natural or over the counter anti-inflammatory to help the body reduce some of the swelling and pain on it’s own first. Massage at this time of flare up could cause further swelling. After your number on the pain scale has dropped back and some of the swelling has lessened then massage at this point can help your body flush out more of the inflammation and reduce more of the pain. Reiki, cranialsacral and other energy healing modalities are fine.

If you have experienced an issue at the bone level, such as a fracture or break, the severity and timing are key here as well. Massage after a bone fracture should be fine, although working directly on the area may be avoided if very recent. Massage after a bone break depends on the severity of the break and how recent. Typically waiting until 36-72 hours after a severe break to let the body do some of it’s own work naturally is advised. Massage after that will help ease swelling and pain but direct pressure on the break will be avoided. With a compound fracture or break, more time for the body to heal on its own and your doctor’s advice would be recommended. Reiki, cranialsacral or any of the energetic healing modalities would be suitable as well.

If you experience immune system challenges, the key here is timing and pressure. If you come in on a day that you are feeling your worst, extremely taxed, exhausted and ask for a deep tissue massage, you could feel uncomfortable afterwards. The flow of toxins and metabolic waste coming to the surface and sped through to release could be too much with the load your body is already carrying and leave you too vulnerable to illness. It would be better to wait until you are feeling a little stronger and ask for a light to medium pressure massage. But Reiki, cranialsacral or other gentle energetic healing modalities would be helpful, even on your worst day.

If you have a fever or feel a nasty cold coming on, please stay at home and rest! Not only can you spread it to our therapists and other clients coming through our office, but receiving massage or energy work during this time will double the load your body and white blood cells are doing in trying to combat the illness at hand. If we then add the load of your body battling increased toxins on top of the oncoming illness you could get quite sick. Better to see us after your fever is down and you’ve had the illness a couple of days, then massage or energy work should help your body heal faster.

Do only male massage therapists give the deepest tissue massage?

Actually the depth and pressure in the massage is determined by the therapist’s ability to use their own bodyweight, leverage and body mechanics in the most effective way. Their gender just doesn’t matter. We’ve seen really big, strong guys who only do light swedish massage and very tiny women deliver enough pressure to make Hulk Hogan say “Uncle”.

How many sessions will it take to ‘fix’ my body? Just one?

Although we would Love to make the claim that we can ‘fix’ everyone who walks in our door from any ailment or issue, we simply can’t claim that kind of power. Our bodies are very multi-layered, multi-dimensional & well, complicated. Systems, symptoms and remedies overlap, have different impacts on different people at different rates of speed. Our mental and emotional systems impact our physical being as well. So whatever needs ‘fixing’ probably accumulated over time from several triggers. As the body begins to heal and improve it will most likely move through that process in layers as well. Be patient with yourself, the process and with us as well, as we partner with you in bettering your quality of life.

I have heard about people being touched inappropriately at other massage places and feel concerned about that. How can you address this concern so I feel more comfortable?

We find this deeply disturbing and upsetting as well! We will not tolerate any verbal or physical behaviors that would make our clients feel uncomfortable or unsafe, period! The Healing House strives to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, respect and customer service. We treat your body, your health and your privacy with honor and the utmost respect. Wherever you go for massage, anywhere in this world, if you are feeling uncomfortable and feel the therapist is being inappropriate stop the session immediately, tell the therapist to leave the room, notify the management as soon as possible and have them refund your money. No one should be treated this way, ever!

What if I just don’t feel comfortable during my massage session, what should I do/say?

There are a variety of things that we want or need in our environment to be comfortable at any time, in any place. The massage table and treatment room is no different. We strive to assure that we have your comfort and safety in mind at all times. As awesome as we are though, we aren’t mind readers. We will ask you and check in, but if you don’t speak up and voice your needs, we can’t read your mind. We invite you to please let us know how to make you more comfortable. Room temperature, music volume, aromatherapy, pressure preferences, depth adjustments, skipping a very ticklish or sensitive area, or teaching you some breathwork, are some of the changes we can make along the way. Sometimes old trauma, anxiety or PTSD type responses come up when we feel vulnerable. We are very well-trained in helping with those kind of emotional responses and are dedicated in helping you through it. But, if we have made some adjustments and you just aren’t comfortable for whatever reason, just tell us that you would like to stop the session and we will. You call the shots!


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