My name is Ashleigh Nichole King. I am a licensed aesthetician. I provide skincare and bodycare treatments — custom facials, brightening facials, anti-aging facials, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, enzyme peel treatments, infrared facial, lymphatic drainage facial, neck and scalp massage treatment, back treatments, body scrubs and body wraps, various facial waxing, underarm waxing, lash tinting and hopefully soon lash extensions, photofacials and microneedling. I have been a licensed aesthetician since 2004. I’ve worked in the high-end spa / salon industry since 1999. I love health and beauty and I constantly continue my education in aesthetics and general healthcare.

At a Glance

Years of Experience:

I’ve been working in the spa / salon industry since 1999, licensed aesthetician since 2004.


I attended College of Dupage (Glen Ellyn, IL), Carsten Institute (Tempe, AZ) and National Aesthetics Institute (Scottsdale, AZ).

Areas of Specialty:

Overall skin health.

Also Practices:

Barre, Piyo, swimming, spinning, hiking, art, travel, trying new healthy things, new restaurants, watching my shows, learning new effective skincare techniques, and of course I enjoy the company of my beautiful loved ones!

An Interview with Ashleigh

What services do you provide at Zen Medicinals?

I provide skincare services that beautify and maintain healthy skin.

What makes your approach to what you do different and unique?

I have a passion for the relaxing effects of touch therapy. I value my clients time with me to be something life changing, an experience that they leave feeling completely relaxed and renewed with glowing skin and hopefully a positive outlook.

How long have you been doing what you do?

I started my full-time practice in January of 2008.

Where did you get your training, and what fancy titles and licenses do you hold?

I attended National Aesthetics Institute in Scottsdale (now located in Tempe). I am educated and certified in advanced exfoliation techniques, advanced makeup techniques, permanent make-up, dermaplaning, and advanced facial massage techniques. Babor, Bioelements, Decleor,Dermalogica, Epicuren, Eminence, Ilike, Intraceuticals, Naturopathica, Phytobiodermie, Safa, Skinceuticals, Skinscript, Pevonia, Repechâge, PCA, Jan Marini are all the skincare lines I’m educated and / or certified in. I am also a member of the Arizona Aesthetics Association.

Why do you do what you do?

I enjoy making people feel better about themselves. Sometimes there’s so much negativity and stress around us. I believe, through my own experience, touch therapy and some positive guidance (from someone that truly cares) paired with healthy relaxation and glowing skin to be the best way to deal. I had my first massage from a therapist named JC, he looked like Santa Claus and had been a Buddhist Monk. He worked at the same high-end Spa / Salon I worked at in Chicago. He saw how stressed I was and told me to come get massages whenever I needed to. So I did. He taught me to breath in good thoughts and to breath out the bad. When I left the spa, I felt like I was walking in a dream. I learned the value of touch therapy. I was working reception and going to school full-time for cosmetology. I decided to move to Arizona to get away from a negative situation and have a fresh start. One of the best cosmetology schools in the United States is here and my Mom too. So, I officially moved, started school and work. Then my body freaked out. My skin broke out in little bumps (I had perfect skin prior) and I decided to get a facial at National Aesthetics Institute-Scottsdale. I walked into the facility and the ambiance was blissful, relaxing and amazing!! After my enlightening facial, my skin felt better and cleared-up. Plus, I’d been educated in what to continue to use to further my skin health. After experiencing a perfect complexion and the stress of a troubled complexion, I decided that I want to help people with skin issues. I also realized that the spa industry is fun and pampering, lol, why would I want to do anything else!!?

What is your burning passion in life?

To be a good influence, provide a skincare mecca and reach utopia.

What is your secret to success?

To constantly strive for greatness!! Always do my best. Self reflection as often as possible to realize where I need improvement and acting on it. I continue my education. I genuinely care about people and pampering them with effective spa treatments.

What kind of animal would you be if you could be one?

A White Bengal Tiger, they’re beautiful and rare. Each one has unique stripes. Also powerful, versatile, adaptable, quick and agile. On the other hand, I’ve always fancied Unicorns too.

What kind of super/mutant power would you choose?

The ability to manipulate people’s thoughts and teleportation, I’d be a hybrid.

What’s one thing no one knows about you?

I’m pretty open about myself. I’d say most people don’t know that I played piano competitively as a child and that I was a lifeguard.

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