The Most Comprehensive Wellness Membership Program in Scottsdale!

Imagine a Wellness Membership Program that gives you a huge menu of holistic services, instead of just massage and facials.

Imagine the best holistic care money can buy at a price that’s finally affordable.

Imagine finally getting the care you deserve.

Welcome to Healing House, where members get to choose from an ever-expanding list of services including Acupuncture, Massage, Skincare, Meditation, Nutrition, Chinese Medicine and more!

We’re 100% certain you will experience a tremendous value in our membership program.

Choose from Silver or Gold Membership

Silver Membership
$59 a Month
1 Treatment Credit,
Good Towards Any Service*
22% Off All Additional Services
10% Off All Supplements
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* If a service is an Advanced (2 credit) service, simply pay the difference between your special Member Rate for the service and the value of your Treatment Credit.

Gold Membership
$99 a Month
2 Treatment Credits,
Good Towards Any Service(s)
34% Off All Additional Services
10% Off All Supplements
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What Our Members Are Saying

Help Yourself out and Join! I Am So Glad I Did.

The Healing House membership has been wonderful, and I am so thankful I made the decision to sign up! The membership program offered is an incredible value, with so many different options of services that have been so helpful to my health and healing. I started seeing Muki and receiving acupuncture in 2014, when I was having severe and frequent migraines, and within one visit I was able to feel extreme relief that I found no where else. Using the membership program, I have been able to constantly and conveniently receive healing services that have truly changed my well being for the better! Help yourself out and join! I am so glad I did.

Krysta E., Scottsdale, AZ
Membership Has Me Committed to Staying Healthy

Having a membership with Healing House has really kept me committed to staying healthy. There are so many options available to use my membership “points”, that I can enjoy massage and meditation along with acupuncture. The discount and ease of reordering my supplements also helps me to continue on my healthy journey! Thanks Healing House!

Judi M., Scottsdale, AZ
The Best Deal in the Valley for Holistic Services

The membership program is the best deal in the valley for holistic services. Acupuncture, massage, facials, nutrition and more — mix and match whatever you’re in the mood for. It truly is a “Healing House”.

Dave M., Scottsdale, AZ
This Is the Best Membership I’ve Ever Had!

This is the best membership I’ve ever had! Super straightforward and there’s no hidden fees, fine print or surprises. Best part is being able to use my credits for acupuncture or facial, facial or massage and they never expire!

Chelsea K., Mesa, AZ
This Is a Great Program, the Best I Have Seen So Far.

My Membership at the Healing House is really great. I love the fact that it accumulates if I don’t use it for a while and it is never lost. I recommended it to my daughter Melanie who really likes it a lot too. We both save money on the treatments we need. This is a great program, the best I have seen so far.

Manon K., Mesa, AZ
I Would 100% Recommend Becoming a Member!

I have been a member with healing house for almost a year now and I absolutely love it! I mainly use the membership for my acupuncture sessions, and if it weren’t for the membership program, I wouldn’t be able to afford the treatments that I need. I personally enjoy the fact that your membership points do not expire! I would 100% recommend becoming a member!

Ivonne M., Phoenix, AZ

What Can Treatment Credits Be Used For?
Here’s Our Ever Expanding List of Services!


1 Credit Services
Follow-up Acupuncture
1-hour Massage, Any Kind*
Facial, Any Kind
Follow-up Nutrition
Cold Laser Therapy
Cupping & Gua Sha Combo

* Upgrade to a 90-minute Massage for your special Member Rate. Silver Members pay just $29 more, Gold Members pay just $25 more.


2 Credit Services
First-time Acupuncture
Asyra Pro Bioenergetic Screening
Meditation, Any Level
First-time Nutrition
Nutrition Consultation
Chinese Herbal Consultation

Need More Services?
Get Additional Essential or Advanced Services at Your Special Member Rate!

Regular Rate: $75.00
Silver Gold
Discount 22% Off 34% Off
Member Rate $59.00 $49.50
Savings $16.00 $25.50
Regular Rate: $150.00
Silver Gold
Discount 22% Off 34% Off
Member Rate $118.00 $99.00
Savings $32.00 $51.00

Your Membership Also Includes:

The Fine Print:

Membership is automatically billed for 6 months, then goes month-to-month until you cancel.

Membership discounts cannot be used with any other offer.

Join Today and Take Advantage Of
The Best Health and Spa Membership Program in Arizona!

Silver Membership
$59 a Month
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Gold Membership
$99 a Month
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of treatments do I get with my Membership and how many?

This depends on whether you’re a Silver or Gold Member and whether a treatment is an Essential (1 credit) service or an Advanced (2 credit) service.

Silver Members
You can get 1 Essential (1 credit) service with your monthly $59 membership plan. You can also apply your Treatment Credit towards any Advanced service and pay the difference between the Advanced service and the value of your Treatment Credit.

For example, a 2-hour Massage is an Advanced (2 credit) service and costs $118 for Silver Members. If you want a 2-hour Massage, simply pay $59 which is the difference between the cost of the Massage ($118) and the value of your Treatment Credit ($59).

Gold Members
You can get 2 Essential (1 credit) services or 1 Advanced (2 credit) service with your monthly $99 Membership plan.

Want more?
If you want more Essential or Advanced services this month, your Membership allows you to purchase them at your special Member Rate. Silver Members get 22% off our Regular Rates and Gold Members get 34% off our Regular Rates. There’s no limit to how many additional Essential or Advanced services you can buy each month.

What does Rollover mean?

It means that your unused Membership Credit always accumulates and is never lost.

Can I use my Membership Rate to buy additional services for other people too?

Silver Members receive 1 Treatment Credit per month and Gold Members receive 2 Treatment Credits per month, and you can gift those credits to your friends and family as you please. If you run out of credits, you can buy additional services for yourself at the Member Rate. However, you cannot use your Member Rate to buy additional services as gifts for others. Additional services purchased at the Member Rate are only to be used by the Member themselves.

Can I use my Membership discounts to buy supplements or products for other people too?

Yes. You can use your 10% discount on Healing House supplements to make purchases for other people. These are great gift ideas!

Is there a Membership contract required and how long does it last?

Yes. Your Monthly Membership Program requires a 6-Month Agreement. You are automatically billed on a monthly basis during the 6 months of your Agreement, starting the day you pay your first Membership dues. You will continue to be automatically billed on a monthly basis after your Agreement expires until you notify us that you’d like to cancel payments. You may easily cancel your Membership Program at any time after your 6-Month Agreement expires.

What happens to my unused services if I cancel my membership?

Your unused services never expire – even after you cancel. You may continue to use them after you cancel until they are gone. However, after you cancel your membership you may no longer take advantage of Membership benefits, including discounts on additional services or products.

Can I ever get a refund on my unused Membership dues?

Membership dues are non-refundable.


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