Welcome to the Healing House in Scottsdale, where the best of ancient medicine and modern technology are optimally combined to heal our patients. Alongside acupuncture, nutrition, skincare, Chinese herbs and massage therapy, we are pleased to offer our patients the opportunity to utilize the latest in quantum resonance and cold laser therapies.

What Are Healing Technologies?

“Healing Technologies” is a general catch-all term for all the fun toys we use here at the clinic to help our patients. It’s a category of services that include state of the art devices such as the Asyra Pro Bioresonance Health Screening System (affectionately known as “The Machine”) and the Q1000 Cold Laser LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy) System. In this category of service you’ll also find LifeWave Patches, which are kind of like laser therapy “to-go.” Each of these tools have delivered incredible results for our patients, and we look forward to continuously expanding our tool-kit to help you feel better, faster.

Why Should I Use Healing Technologies?

All of the technologies we use at Healing House of Scottsdale offer the following advantages to our patients:

  • Painless and noninvasive. We can stimulate acupuncture points and activate the flow of Qi without the use of needles using Healing Technologies.
  • Cost effective. Healing Technologies are all more affordable than acupuncture in the long-run.
  • Suitable for any age. Healing Technologies are safe patients for babies and for the very old.
  • Ease of use. They can be administered while you are comfortably seated, and in most cases with no need to disrobe.

Types of Healing Technologies We Offer

There are three main types of Healing Technologies we offer at Healing House in Scottsdale:

Asyra Pro Bioenergetic Screening (60 minutes)

Experience the extraordinary technology that is the Asyra Pro Bioenergetic Screening System. Your body is a living field of energy, and those energies can be accurately detected, recorded, and treated using the Asyra Pro. Your session will include an electrodermal resonance scan, an in-depth analysis of the Asyra Pro’s findings, a copy of your individual session report, a treatment using an imprinted cold laser device, and a take-home electromagnetically charged homeopathic remedy. The Asyra Pro is particularly helpful at clearing through the confusion of complex symptom patterns to help pinpoint the exact source(s) of your illness. The cold laser treatments are painless and safe for young and old, and clinical results have been truly impressive.

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Cold Laser Therapy Session (20 minutes)

Cold Laser Therapy (also known as “Low Level Light Therapy”) is a treatment that employs a very powerful, focused, and specific range of light frequencies to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Cold Laser Therapy has been shown in multiple studies to reduce pain, increase collagen production and speed wound repair. It is a pain-free, quick, and remarkably effective treatment for a wide range of ailments and has no negative side effects.

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