If you’ve ever worked with a great personal trainer or financial advisor, you know that having a good coach in a key part of your life can be critical to your success. Having a great Nutrition Coach is no different! Your nutrition is too important for your health to leave up to hunches about what’s going to work for your body. You’ll be amazed at the difference a Healing House Nutrition Coach can make in your life with even just a single session.

Nutrition Sessions We Offer

Healing House has your nutrition needs covered, A – Z, with everything from nutrition coaching sessions, to the advanced Spectracell Micronutrient Test, to in-home or in-grocery-store coaching sessions.

Initial Nutrition Consultation (40 or 80 minutes)

A one on one personal consultation will help her determine your current nutritional profile, food choices and general state of health.

You will learn new strategies regarding salt, sugar and fat. Adding a few new food items to your world, and removing a couple of unhealthy ones, will give you a head start on achievable nutritional targets and healthy nutritional habits.

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SpectraCell Micronutrient Test (40 minutes)

Suffering from chronic fatigue, infertility, insomnia, obesity, headaches, weakened immunity, etc? This vitamin/mineral test by SpectraCell Laboratories may be for you. Upon going to your local lab for the test, we do a follow up approximately 3 weeks later, which includes food and supplementation suggestions to fulfill nutrient deficiencies.

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Follow-Up Nutrition Consultation (40 minutes)

Your follow up consultation will include a one on one review of the personal five day nutritional assessment you have filled out for me.

Feedback on what worked for you, and any difficulties encountered, will help me custom tailor a nutritional plan that fits your lifestyle and nutritional needs.

Additional strategies to help you achieve your nutritional goals are also discussed as well as easy recipes and healthy eating tips.

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Refrigerator & Pantry 101 (80 minutes)

When the refrigerator is full and nothing “looks good” to eat, expanding food choices and creating a master grocery list are key steps to healthier eating.

Strategies like “a salad bar” in your refrigerator, and healthy alternatives for “favorites” are included. Your nutrition coach will help you create a “keep it or ditch it” list for foods you’re not sure about. Food shelf life, storage and food safety are also covered.

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Let’s Go Shopping for Nutritious Foods (80 minutes)

Join your nutrition coach in a one-on-one interactive class. Walk the Grocery food aisles and learn how to make the best food choices. Dietary and nutritional differences between items are discussed along with possible alternatives and substitutions for a healthy lifestyle approach.

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Healthy Cooking (80 minutes)

A one on one cooking class with your nutrition coach will help you explore new food possibilities, increase your confidence in the kitchen and make better nutrition part of your lifestyle.

Healthy Choices with easy recipes, and a wealth of practical kitchen tips make this class valuable for beginners and more accomplished Chefs.

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On the Go Eating (80 minutes)

Your nutrition coach will share unique and proven strategies and great recipes for maintaining a healthy diet while on a busy schedule. Moms, Dads, students and almost everyone can benefit from improving their grab and go selections.

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Reducing Inflammation, High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol (80 minutes)

Some foods in the modern diet can cause an inflammatory response in certain individuals. Your nutrition coach show you the foods and supplements that naturally help the body fight inflammation, lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.

Building better nutritional habits or “eating the right stuff” will help your body compliment it’s ability to heal itself.

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