In addition to massage and bodywork just simply feeling good, it’s also simply just good for us, all of us! Especially here in the United States of America we live fast paced, fairly stressful lives that are often out of balance in some way, shape or form. This lifestyle and ‘social norm’ challenges our physical, mental and emotional systems in a wide variety of ways. Many of us have become to believe that mental stress, muscular tension, joint pain, high/low blood pressure, taking daily pharmaceuticals, repetitive injuries, digestion issues, mental/emotional imbalances, insomnia, low energy and exhaustion are “normal”. Don’t believe the hype! You deserve better, and there are healthier options to help heal and balance your body. We would love to become a partner with you and one of your choices in creating a healthier lifestyle that you and your body will love! Here is how massage will help you uplevel your wellness and peace of mind.

1. Relieves Muscular Tightness

Massage relieves muscular tightness

When muscles in the body are overly tight they can feel painful, in spasm and often are pulling on the bones in our body causing even more discomfort. Some muscles in our body are over stretched and over used, those muscles often feel like they are on fire or very knotted up. Massage, especially with some stretching, helps create a better balance in the muscle and bone structure so there is harmony.

2. Helps the Body Release Toxins, Lactic Acid and Other Metabolic Waste Products

Massage helps the body release toxins, lactic acid and other metabolic waste products

Psssst! Our bodies do these functions already. But we live in a world with environmental pollutants and chemical additives, don’t always eat as perfectly as we should, or exercise as often as we could, or drink enough water to help flush these harmful toxins out of our system and the body can get overloaded. When the body’s clearing process is slowed or stagnate it can cause discomfort, inflammation, illness, weakened immune system and lowered energy. Massage helps our body do the work it was meant to do more efficiently and release the effects of these stressors through the muscle tissue, then through the bloodstream and finally out through the kidneys and bladder. (That’s why we tell you to drink lots of water for 24 hours after your massage.)

3. Relieves Stress and Tension

Massage relieves stress and tension

Stress, we all feel the impacts of it to one degree or another. We can and should consciously reduce stress as it shows up in our lives mentally, emotionally, but it eventually it begins to manifest in our physical body as well. Perhaps we all can’t live in a bubble or all move to Bora Bora to alleviate all stress from our existence, but there are many options to create a healthier outlet to release stress from our systems. Massage and bodywork helps ease that stress load on every level. Maybe we don’t solve all your life and work problems for you, but by allowing us to dump some of the stress you’re carrying, by giving yourself permission to relax, you will find you have more energy, mental clarity and stamina to find creative solutions on your own.

4. Improves Body’s Daily Function and Revitalizes Energy

Massage improves body's daily function and revitalizes energy

Releasing stress from our mental, emotional and physical systems, speeding up our body’s elimination of toxins, boosting the immune system, and taking some time for rest and relaxation will directly impact your energy. The skin, muscles, joints, skeletal structure, glands, hormones, organ function and cellular repair will receive the boost as well. Feel the new, sharp, zippy, fun You return again!

5. Increases Flexibility, Joint Mobility and Range of Motion

Massage increases flexibility, joint mobility and range of motion

An experienced, therapeutic massage therapist knows how to effect change in your body by knowing where it’s out of balance and the right techniques to help you find harmony again. Kneading and lengthening the muscle tissue increases flexibility, flushing any inflammation or trapped toxins in the connective tissues and joints increases their mobility, and the combination of the two improve the range of motion and better overall movement of the body.

6. Eases Acute and Chronic Pain

Massage eases acute and chronic pain

Being in pain drains us mentally, emotionally and physically. It takes every little ounce of energy just to keep going, dragging ourselves through daily tasks. Besides massage soothing our soul, providing an outlet for stress to be released from the body, the benefits of increased circulation, eliminating inflammation, lengthening the muscles in spasm will reduce their tense hold, and calming overactive nerves make a positive healing impact on our mind, body and spirit.

7. Improves Blood Circulation

Massage improves blood circulation

Each massage stroke is intentionally directed to move blood, lymph and toxins through the skin and muscle tissue toward the heart so it can be moved to through the other organs that filter and release them from the body. This process helps the body, organs, and circulation system work more smoothly and effectively. Massage can even help lower blood pressure as well.

8. Soothes and Balances the Nervous System

Massage soothes and balances the nervous system

Caring touch is simply healing, period and some of us live closer to our technology than to real people. My phone and computer have never hugged me back, I need a person for that. A massage therapist is trained not only to help calm an overactive nervous system and help you release stress, but also you’ll find that our therapists at Zen Medicinals are very nurturing individuals who sincerely care about your unique needs and well being.

9. Boosts the Immune and Lymphatic System

Massage boosts the immune and lymphatic system

As mentioned above in Reason 2, massage helps move toxins and metabolic waste through your system faster. It’s like pouring Draino down a clogged plumbing pipe, by reducing the gunk that’s in the way, the water can flow more freely down the pipe and the entire system works more efficiently. Helping clear the ‘gunk’ out of our body aids the immune and lymphatic in doing it’s job more efficiently as well.

10. Aids Digestion and Intestinal Function

Massage aids digestion and intestinal function

Stress and tension have a detrimental effect on our entire digestion system, from our swallowing food down the esophagus, the acidity levels in our stomach to break down our food, to how it continues to break down and move through the intestines. How do you digest life? Too fast, too slow, painfully with much disruption along the way? Slow down, soothe your system, breathe more deeply, let massage calm this system from the outside in.

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