It’s true! We are changing our name.


Because we have a huge new vision of what we want to do for the world!

We think it’s time that people had access to truly professional, high quality, consistent, and affordable holistic healthcare. People need this medicine; it’s time for it to go mainstream, and we want to take it there. To that end, we have a plan to open five clinics in five years around the valley… just to start with.

We want our clinics to be a household name, and we felt that “Zen Medicinals” had a few sticky issues:

  • “Zen” can be interpreted as a religious term, and we didn’t want anyone to feel excluded
  • “Medicinals” is hard to pronounce, hard to spell, and hard to remember
  • “Zen Medicinals” might easily be mistaken for a company in the “budding” marijuana industry, and we wanted to differentiate

(True story: Literally minutes after I wrote that last line, I got a call from someone who mistakenly thought Zen Medicinals was a marijuana growers’ supply warehouse!)

So… “Healing House” it is! We hope you like it. We really think it’s a name that people will remember and instinctively understand. It’s a name that can carry a powerful national brand for the holistic healing vision we wish to share.

And as always, we wish to thank our patients so much for their amazing support. We are here to serve you and your families. It is truly our great pleasure to do so.

Happy Holidays! And take good care,


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